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We strive to be a reliable and professional partner

International cooperation provides full benefits for the institution – it is not only an opportunity to exchange professional experience with foreign colleagues, but also to share innovative ideas, discuss topical issues, jointly address complex challenges, and thus improve the quality of the institution’s audits and other products. Therefore, the National Audit Office actively and purposefully engage in international cooperation, exchange experience and good practice to increase the efficiency of performance and be a reliable and professional partner.

The National Audit Office maintain active professional relations with the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) of foreign countries, international organisations, and other international actors.

The National Audit Office is a member of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions INTOSAI and its Regional Organisation EUROSAI.

We became a member of INTOSAI in 1992 and take part in the Knowledge Sharing Committee and its Working Groups on Information Technology Audit, Environmental Auditing, Evaluation of Public Policies and Programs, and Public Debt.

In 1993, we joined EUROSAI and are a member of the Working Groups on Environmental Auditing, and Information Technologies. We take part in the implementation of the projects “EUROSAI Audit Response to the COVID-19 pandemic”, “Preparing for future risks and climate crisis: Time for audit to take a long-term view?” and „Travelling club of experts“ as well as the activity of the Network for Ethics (N.ET).

In 2016, at the initiative of the National Audit Office, the EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit (TFMA) was established, which we are currently chairing. The aim of the TFMA is to monitor developments in the whole public sector and to bring together best practice in organising municipality audit, to exchange experience in financial management, audit methodology and audit performance. This is done in cooperation with the members of the Task Force – SAIs from 27 European countries.

At the XI EUROSAI Congress in 2021 the National Audit Office was elected to the EUROSAI Governing Board for a six-year term. During this period, the institution together with the German Federal Court of Audit will be responsible for the successful implementation of EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 - Professional Cooperation.

Alongside with other SAIs of European Union (EU) countries, the National Audit Office is a member of the EU SAIs Contact Committee. It is an autonomous, independent, and non-political assembly of the Heads of EU Supreme Audit Institutions and the European Court of Auditors. It discusses and addresses EU-related issues of common interest.

The National Audit Office participates in the activities of the Contact Committee Network of the Fiscal Policy Audit and RRF-related SAI cooperation at auditors‘/working level. It also contributes to the development of compendiums produced by the European Court of Auditors on different topics.