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Assessment of 2020 set of National financial statements and data on public debt and its management

Assessment of regularity of 2020 sets of State consolidated financial and budget execution reports

Is the quality of studies ensured in higher education institutions

Legality of the implementation of the measures under the objective “Helping businesses to safeguard liquidity“ of the Economic Stimulus and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Consequences Mitigation Plan

Decommissioning process of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

Results of external reviews carried out in municipal control and audit services in 2021

Assessment of the regularity of the 2020 set of statements of the Pension Annuity Fund and the legality of the management, use, and disposal of its funds and property

Governance of state and municipally owned enterprises and public bodies

Performance of fire fighting forces in reducing the number of fires and fire damage

Management of High-performance Sport

Police activity in crime prevention and investigation

Assessment of regularity of the management, use and disposal of state budget funds allocated in 2020 to the public establishment Foundation for Disposal of Good Will Compensation for the Immovable Property of Jewish Religious Communities