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Performance Audit Reports

Organisation of official statistics

June 1, 2022


The organisation of official statistics has been assessed by the National Audit Office: improvements are still needed

Picture for The organisation of official statistics has been assessed by the National Audit Office: improvements are still neededOfficial statistics provide relevant, high-quality and reliable data that are crucial for evidence-based policy-making, however, the current organisation of official statistics does not guarantee that management decision-makers can make full and prompt use of these data, according to the National Audit Office’s audit Organisation of Official Statistics.

In Lithuania, 19 institutions are responsible for the production of official statistics, and the Lithuanian Department of Statistics is the coordinating body for the organisation of official statistics. In 2021, EUR 10.6 million was allocated for the organisation of these statistics and 234 statistical surveys were carried out.

Qualitative statistical data are based on an appropriate methodology that ensures data accuracy and relevance. “Almost a third of the statistical surveys for 2019-2021 were carried out in the absence of, or according to methodologies that were not harmonised with the Lithuanian Department of Statistics. The role of the Lithuanian Department of Statistics should be strengthened, as its greater involvement in all statistical surveys could improve the quality of the data,” says Audit Team Leader Kristina Vaivadienė.

The publication of all official statistical information on the Official Statistics Portal would ensure the quality and relevance of data and promote their use for decision-making. The audit found that a quarter of the statistical surveys carried out are not published on the portal, and in a third of cases, the reasons for the revision are not given when revising the data entered. 

Statistical surveys are included in the official statistics programme when they are commissioned by European Union legislation, laws of the Republic of Lithuania and government resolutions. The audit found that a quarter of the investigations between 2019 and 2021 were not commissioned by this legislation. The inadequate legal basis does not ensure that the programme is designed to meet the needs of the State as set out in legislation.

The National Audit Office has made recommendations to help ensure the quality of official statistics and information on statistical surveys, to improve the efficiency of the production of official statistics and to reduce the burden of statistical reporting on respondents.